Bandhavgarh National Park - a selection of pictures

February 26th 2011 to March 1st 2011

Delhi Kanha National Park Bandhavgarh National Park

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Long range first tiger sighting in Bandhavgarh A Tigress - our second sighting
Same tigress The dominant Male B2 - our first sighting

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A bee eater A peacock displaying his fan!
There are three species of vulture in the park. An extremely difficult bird to pick up - the wood owl


Sambar deer are much more easily seen in Bandhavgarh and seem to have taken over the habitat of the swamp deer of Kanha.
Spotted deer are also numerous
including this old deer that just kept eating the new grass at the edge of the trackway despite the jeep being only a few feet away


Langur were less common in Bandhavgarh than Kanha
but rhesus macaque were often seen in large groups hurrying across the meadows in Bandhavgarh.

Other Animals

Jackal were frequently seen as were wild boar

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To get from Kanha to Bandhavgarh we used some of the minor roads. Most of the locals walked or cycled.

We soon learned that the top animal on the road was the cow even in the middle of a bustling big city!

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As part of our trip we all went on an elephant safari into the bush - back view of Richard and Ian's elephant
Arlene and Julie readying themselves to dismount at the end of their trip

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Monsoon Forest Lodge main building with the new block rising up behind The fort escarpment as seen from the southern end of the park

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